Who’s that girl?

one-cannot-think-well-love-well-sleep-well-if-one-has-not-dined-well1Hey there,

Thanks for visiting Blondie and the Fork! Here’s a little bit about me and why I started this blog…

Since graduating from McMaster University, I found work in Hamilton and found it silly to commute every day from Burlington. Not too soon after, I found a wonderful little apartment and moved my life in. Although I had been studying in Hamilton, I didn’t spend much time exploring the city. Since moving here I came to discover a thriving food culture. I found that there were so many independent and creative restaurants scattered around the city. After trying a couple highly recommended places I decided that I wanted to write about my experiences. I have a passion and love for food as well as a passion for writing. I decided to combine the two and create this blog, to share my experiences with whoever was willing to listen.

To the right of this page you will find reviews about all the wonderful places I’ve been as well as links to my other social networking sites.

I hope my reviews will help you explore all the special restaurants Hamilton has to offer!



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