Make Some Room

As an undergrad student studying at McMaster University for four years, I have had some experiences in the city. Since completing my studies, I found myself working two part time jobs in Hamilton, one working for the city and one for Mac. I accepted the fact that I was probably not leaving either job any time soon, so about 3 months ago I started to seriously search for an apartment here. The commute from Burlington had become something I just wasn’t appreciating and so found myself a great apartment on the mountain brow.

My first two weeks as a Hamiltonian could be described as stressful and liberating. I was following a path I had set for myself; to get my degree, grow up and move out. As I settled into my new digs I began to research restaurants, diners  and take-outs around my area and in the downtown. Using referrals from co-workers, supervisors and friends I came to realize that Hamilton has many gems when it comes to delicious grub. Upon my first couple experiences at small, what seemed to be family owned restaurants and diners, I came to see that the work and dedication these owners put into their small businesses was heartfelt, creative and expressive of the diversity Hamilton is known for.

I consider myself a foodie through and through. I love to cook, discover new recipes and cuisines, and am always on the hunt for a great place to eat, especially when it comes to pizza or burgers.

I came to Hamilton hungry, in more ways than one; hungry for a new life of independence and freedom, but also found a hunger for new food experiences as well.

I’d like to share the good and bad with you. Make some room!

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