Chicago Style Pizza Shack

Time for a quick n’ easy post! (while watching Hell’s Kitchen chefs make gourmet pizzas, coincidence?)

I had a friend over for some wine, pizza and lots of girl talk tonight. I’ve been meaning to visit Chicago Style Pizza Shack since I moved here back in February but every attempt to get there or order out was unsuccessful, my brother can vouch for this! When I moved to Hamilton I browsed all the pizza options close to me, and was so excited to see such a well reviewed pizza restaurant literally minutes form my apartment. When my girlfriend asked what take-out was close by I immediately thought of Chicago Style Pizza Shack. FINALLY I could try this stuffed pizza I’ve read so many good things about. No longer would I drool in my sleep over this place, it had become a reality. Every time I drive by here its packed and there’s a line-up to get a table…good sign!

My girlfriend got the small stuffed pizza with black olives, pepperoni and green pepper. The small comes with six slices which was definitely more than enough to satisfy the two of us.

full pizza

As I’ve heard a stuffed pizza should be, it was loaded with cheese and toppings, piled high along the walls of dough. I’ve never had a stuffed pizza before and I love the idea of having the sauce on top because it really gives you the chance to experience the flavour in the sauce. The dough was cooked well, browned perfectly and strong enough to hold all those toppings in. Everything tasted very fresh, was hot to order and there were plenty of toppings inside. The sauce was delicious, not too sweet or spicy, blanketing the gooey cheese and toppings underneath.

slice 1

I’ll definitely need to go back here sometime for an actual sit down dinner, and do a proper review, as I’ve been told the pastas are just something I MUST try! It’s pretty funny how my first two reviews are about pizza. I swear I’m not biased 😉 Anyways, if you want something to satisfy that pizza craving but are looking for something a little different, this is it! Give yourself a little bit of extra time ordering this pizza as it takes longer to make/cook. Also give yourself a bit more time if you intend to sit down for dinner as I’ve been by on a Tuesday night around 5:00PM and the place has been packed with people already waiting to be seated.

Chicago Style Pizza Shack is located at 534 Upper Sherman Ave in Hamilton

Happy eating!


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