Chuck’s Burger Bar

Oh, Chuck’s Burger Bar! 14 hours later and I’m still not hungry.

Let me start off with, yes, it is worth the wait. From the time we parked the car to taking the first bite of our burgers we waited approximately an hour and a half. I know that might sound a bit absurd but I can only blame myself as we went on a Friday night, to a place that only seats 28 people, during the dinner rush. The hostess/server  was so friendly and sympathetic in a situation she really had no control over, but handled it really well. The guests we were waiting with told me stories about their experiences at Chuck’s and what their favourite burgers were, which convinced me I should stick around. Even the people leaving the restaurant  were telling us on their way out that it would be worth the wait, this I was guaranteed each time. SO, we waited! And I am so glad we did. I had looked at the menu the day before and knew exactly what I wanted, especially since one of my co-workers told me about the Southern BBQ Beef Burger. I was sold.

When we finally sat down at the bar, we obviously ordered our beer first. They have Mill St. Organic on tap which I was really excited about, and for those craft beer enthusiasts out there, they had an amazing selection to choose from.

craft beer kitchen

The inside was small but warm and comfortable. I didn’t feel too cramped or pressed against my neighbours in any way. Lots of elbow room. What I also liked was that we could watch the cooks prepare our meals, flames, smoke and all! I was warm just sitting there, so I can only imagine how they felt working their butts off all night to feed everyone. Kudos to them!

As I mentioned, I ordered the Southern BBQ Beef Burger. This thing came decorated with Monterey jalapeno jack cheese, Texas BBQ pulled beef and onion rings . I could barely fit my mouth over it, so resorted to taking off the onion rings and eating them on their own. They were DELICIOUS with a firm, crispy batter they never got soggy. The burger patty was cooked medium well, and perfect to my standards. It was juicy and had just the right amount of char grill. Some burgers that are made fresh on the grill can turn out with burnt edges that just don’t taste right, but that’s no place you wait an hour and a half for. The pulled beef was such a nice addition with its savoury BBQ sauce. I really enjoyed this burger. While we were waiting to be seated, all I saw were sweet potato fries coming out of the kitchen with the burgers. They were thick cut and looked so good, I had to try them. Good choice on my part if I may say so myself. The burgers also came with their in house slaw and side pickle – also very tasty!


We also got the Lamblicious Burger which was AMAZING. It came decorated with Swiss cheese, sauteed wild mushrooms, onions and Chuck’s roasted garlic mayo. The garlic sauce went so well with the lamb. The patty itself was juicy and if I may quote my boyfriend “the best lamb burger I’ve had in the last 5 years”. I don’t know where he got the “5 years” from. This was hotly debated over dinner. I’ll tell you about their regular fries because I do believe that the quality of fries is just as important as the quality of burger. A burger without good fries is just not right. They were thick cut as well, with the skin left on, a preference of mine, lightly salted and super crispy. Thumbs up!


I want to finish off by saying how impressed I was with the staff here. Shout out to Nicole, Leah and Chantasy for being awesome! These three ladies were amazing. They had such great personalities and smiling faces which made our experience even that more enjoyable. You can tell they really enjoy working at Chuck’s, which I believe says a lot about the place and the people who run it.

Recommendation: don’t expect to come on a Friday or Saturday night to a table waiting for you. Either come before or after the dinner rush, same goes for week nights. After the dinner rush would be approximately 8:00-8:30PM.

Chuck’s Burger Bar is located at 194 Locke St. South in Hamilton.

Happy eating!


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