Alfredo’s Place

Here’s to another quick n’ easy post folks! And another pizza post as well. Oh god. This has to stop. Someone set up an intervention. I’m sorry, I just love pizza! Actually I’m not sorry, because I found another great pizza joint just down the road from my place. I’ve driven past it multiple times and just never thought anything of it. The exterior is nothing exciting to look at, so it never caught my attention. It’s just one of those hidden gems that if you don’t give it a chance you’ll just keep driving by it every day. So, I’m glad I took a chance a couple weekends ago and walked in to grab me some grub.

The owners have kept it simple, nothing fancy, just the essentials to make a superb pizza (and from what I could see on the menu, a whole list of delicious Italian dishes). The kitchen was clean and well maintained. The couple who made our pizza (which I believe are the owners) were especially friendly and lovely to talk to. You just know they pour their heart and soul into this place and really have a passion for the food they are making. I love family owned restaurants. Their pastas, salads and sandwiches also looked delicious, but I’m here to talk about the pizza because unfortunately, that’s all that I ordered. Next time for sure – everything in moderation right?! (as my mom used to say).


We ordered a large three topping pizza special with pepperoni, bacon, mushroom (half), and onion (half). I watched as the gentleman (must get his name next time) made our pizza because I had read in a previous review that they take care and time to place the toppings evenly. The review was right because he made sure to cover the pizza fully and evenly instead of just sprinkling them on in clusters. I’m sure this helped to have the pizza come out evenly cooked as well. The sauce was very nice, wasn’t too sweet or spicy, or overpowering in flavour. It also wasn’t greasy, at all, which is always nice. The toppings were fresh and not lacking on the pizza, in every bite you got a nice mouthful of veggies and meat. We asked for our pizza well done as we like it a bit crispy, however I can say this pizza is probably just as good cooked the way they typically do it.

The prices are fair and the walk-in specials make it even better. I will definitely be back to try other parts of their menu. Especially the BLOOMING ONION! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blooming onion on a menu at a pizza place like this. Pretty dang awesome!

NOTE: I didn’t see any fridges were you could buy a can of pop or bottle of juice, and also didn’t see any beverages listed on their menu. I’ll need to confirm this next time I go, so don’t take my word for it. But for now, if you want to be safe, have drinks on hand when ordering take out.

Alfredo’s Place is located at 931 Fennel Ave East in Hamilton.

Happy eating!


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