Kelly’s Bake Shoppe

When I saw the opportunity to review Kelly’s Bake Shoppe I couldn’t turn it down. I mean, who doesn’t want to indulge in cupcakes, cookies and brownies in one sitting. Especially ones that are vegan and gluten free! I have to admit, only on a couple occasions have I tried vegan and gluten free desserts. A family member of mine likes to make them at home and I’m lucky enough to get to try them. They have always been delicious, and so I was interested to see what Kelly’s had in store for me.

I was so happy to see that Kelly’s is run by a mother & daughter team, Kelly Childs and Erinn Weatherbie. What a lovely and inspiring pair of women. There can’t be a better team than a mother and her gal! Their commitment and passion for delicious treats with healthy ingredients will keep you coming back.

Here’s a list of what they do and don’t put in their creations:


First off, their shop is simply stunning. It’s so well put together and has such a calming, welcoming atmosphere. It’s absolutely beautiful inside and there’s so much to look at.

IMAG1424  IMAG1428 IMAG1427  IMAG1422

They also have a freezer full of goodies you can purchase. I saw a couple of beautifully decorated cakes and cupcakes that I’ll have to come back for. There’s cake pops, ice cream and brownies too. Basically heaven in a freezer.  Beside this is a display of t-shirts you can buy as well.

IMAG1429 IMAG1431

Okay – let’s get to the goodies!


I had such a fun time tasting these treats while taking notes on the delicious flavours and textures. I started off with the Mile High Brownie. Oh. My. Gosh. Is this real life? Is this even possible? I always had my doubts about vegan/gluten free desserts and thought, how is it that you can bake a dessert without using eggs or dairy? Well I hold my tongue (partially because it’s still freaking out about how indulgent this brownie is) but also because I was definitely proven wrong here.

No wonder it’s called the Mile High Brownie. This is the mother of all brownies – it takes you to another level. The brownie itself was moist and had wonderful texture – it was fluffy but still dense enough to be considered a brownie. Combined with the vanilla buttercream topping it melts in your mouth. Add in the homemade caramel sauce and chocolate frosting and you’re done for. You need a chocolate fix? This will do it. Although this brownie is nothing but indulgent, it’s not too sweet – you won’t find yourself getting a sugar overload, rolling on the floor holding your tummy. Simply delicious!

caramel cupcake 1

Next up was the Dulce De Leche Cupcake. I’m not sure I can express enough, my sincere thanks to Kelly’s Bake Shoppe for introducing me to this delicious creation. Again with the vanilla butter cream and homemade caramel sauce – delicious! As if the caramel sauce dripping over the buttercream wasn’t enough, wait till you bite into this baby and find the secret caramel sauce filling. This cupcake is the perfect size too. For the amount of sweetness and richness you’re getting from the toppings, the cupcake on its own provides a great base as it’s not too dense or flaky. There’s a perfect balance.


Next in line was the Black and White Cupcake. Now, I don’t like to play favourites but this one takes the cake (get it!). The texture of this cupcake was different from the Dulce De Leche as it was a little more airy and light. However, I think what sold me was the vanilla frosting with the chocolate ganache drizzle. The frosting was whipped to perfection with just the right amount of sweetness. As a whole, it offers a rich and irresistible chocolate flavour. Not only is it topped with chocolate ganache, but it’s also hidden inside. Another surprise! I didn’t know eating cupcakes could be this exciting.


Last but not least were the World Peace (top) and Snickerdoodle (bottom) Cookies. The World Peace Cookie is stuffed full of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chocolate chips, raisins, cranberries and oats. I really enjoyed the combination of raisins and cranberries as it creates a nice chunky texture. The oats and the seeds fill up the cookie well making it a wholesome treat. The chocolate chips provide just enough sweetness to make you enjoy each bite. Overall, it’s a delicious cookie with fresh and healthy ingredients. The Snickerdoodle is a simple yet delicious cinnamon and sugar cookie. The aroma of the cinnamon was the first thing I could smell when I opened the box of goodies! I love this one – it’s soft, chewy and the sugar sprinkled on top gives it a granulated texture that plays well with the softness of the cookie. Scrumptious!

At this point you probably imagine I was crawling across the floor to my bed, fingers covered in chocolate and icing, overwhelmed by all the excitement. Or maybe not. Either way, I managed to get through each and every delicious treat – no complaints ;). I also had help from a very willing volunteer who assisted me with sampling the goodies. (Lucky bugger!)


Kelly’s Bake Shoppe is located at 401 Brant Street in downtown Burlington.

Check out their beautiful website at: for bios, menus and so much more!

Happy eating!



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